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PUPS Record Weekend @ Hib

Team: Jack Davies

PUPS TBS record and post fun-jump collection / ideas

Rumbleseat 10way Meet 2024

Team: Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld

SA Mini Bigways Weekend

Team: Kristina Hicks

6way Skills

Team: Kristina Hicks

28 way st-flo 2023

Team: declerck angelo


20 ways

Team: Christoph Seibold

8way tunnel 24/9/22

Team: declerck angelo

tunnel because of bad weather.

16 way invitational sep2022 moorsele

Team: declerck angelo

Skyvan Calais 11way

Team: declerck angelo

Skyvan Calais 20 way

Team: declerck angelo

20way with sea view

St Flo 2022

Team: Patrick Passe

St Flo June 2022

Just a few jumps from the long weekend...


40th Event

Team: Martin Soulsby

These are a series of 42 to 40 ways to celebrate 40 years in the sport.  Plus some 28 ways as 2 plane loads

8way calais april 2022

Team: declerck angelo

Some Nice jumps with sea view

Milko & Sian - Florida Fun

Team: Rob Jonson

Bonus days with Milko & Sian - Deland March 2022

Sequential Gang - Deland 72-way 2022

Team: Patrick Passe

"Florida Style" dives with Patrick, Milko & Larry Henderson

Milko's Abu Dhabi 2020 Extravaganza

Team: Rob Jonson

Many thanks to Milko & Sian for organising an amazing trip. 
We definitely demonstrated that you can do 16way in the 32ft tunnel :)

Thanks also to Martial for joining and assisting with the organising.

Most jumps are designed by Milko and Martial with a few by Luc Vereecken. I don't know who created what - so they mostly have Milko/Martial credit...

Final thanks to Billy for putting the video together :)

All names & errors are my own!


Total Break Sequential - Episode 1

Team: Rob Jonson

with P3 - at Perris Skydiving -  October 2021
Jumps by Dan BC & Patrick Passe

DeLand RW project first weekend Oct 3-4

Team: Bill Legard

Autumn Bigway Camp 2021

Team: Lesley Gale

Camp Manual – Low res version (2MB) 
Camp Manual – High res version (25 MB) 

Exit Positions

Power Games 21

Team: Dieter Kirsch

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