What's New

New updates and improvements to Skydive Designer

Animated Previews on Facebook

It's all about sharing on Facebook :)

Now, when you share a multi-point jump on Facebook, you get an animated gif of the jump.
TBS ep2 possible Design by Patrick Passe

See this example on Facebook

New Tutorial: Slotting

How to use the slotting features.
Click to watch

Skydive Designer 2.0

Big updates to the App

Read all about it at SkydiveMag.com

Slow transitions by default for larger jumps

You can always click the 'slow' checkbox to slow down transitions.
Slow mode is now selected by default for any jump with more than 20 jumpers.
I'm thinking that larger jumps will typically have fewer points, and will benefit from a little more 'thinking time' as you watch.
Of course - if you want them to zip through the points, you can always deselect the 'slow' option.

Better display for slotted jumps

Slotted jumps now show the slots by default when you view the jump, and they also show the names of jumpers (in very small text!) right on the jump.

Here is an example

Thanks Bill for the suggestions.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Use keyboard shortcuts to navigate jumps. 
Left/Right for previous/next point
Up/Down for zoom in/out
Escape to go back to 'zoom to fit'

Tutorial: How to make a pdf manual

4 minute tutorial on how to make a pdf manual
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Jumps wrap around nicely

The old 'glitch' where jumpers did a massive spin to get back to point 1 has been fixed.
In a way, I'll miss it...

Comments & Ratings

Add your comments to jumps and collections - click to give star ratings

Embed your Jumps!

Click on the 'embed' button on your jumps to get the embed code. You can now show these on your own websites...

Tutorial: How to Share & Publish

10minute tutorial on how to share and publish jumps and collections.
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Completely New Site

New site lets you manage your files, jumps and collections. You can publish them, keep them secret, or share them with a select few...
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