What about Android...

This comes up often enough on facebook that I figured it should have its own page.

So - firstly. Skydive Designer absolutely supports Android.

If you design an jump and share it online, that jump can be viewed on an Android, a PC, an iPhone, a smart telly, or anything with a web browser.

That's what your participants need, and they're covered.

But I want to design on my Android..

You really don't want to design on your android phone. It's just too small. You need a tablet. But let's assume you have and Android tablet. It's a nice galaxy or pixel or something like that.

We can do this.

I have put many, many months of work into the Mac/iOS version of the app.

Sadly, I don't 'speak' Android - so I won't be building the Android version of the app myself.

I do have a fantastic Android contractor though. He's very reasonably priced. He'd do a great job porting the app, and because I have already done the design work, it'll be a lot cheaper to pay him to port it than it would be if you were starting from scratch.

My top-of-the-head estimate is that we should be able to get it built for about $50k.

So, dig deep. Set up a kickstarter, find a sponsor - whatever works for you.

I'll be delighted to work with you to get it done.

Or you could just buy an iPad...

Skydiving is expensive, and we pay a lot for top notch gear, training, jumps, etc.

It might not be unreasonable for you to consider spending about $300 to buy an iPad as part of your skydiving kit...

If you do, then let me know. I'll add you to the Hall of Fame.

You'll be in good company.

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